I am not sure if anyone reads this blog, but that is okay, it helps me work out things going on in my head. I just returned from my 8 day class of “Walking on Holy Ground” a class on Spiritual Direction. The days were full and it was absolutely amazing, both in learning and in experience. There were 9 students in the class with 2 professors. It was well worth every penny and minute. Made some excellent new friends in the process! Staying at Queen’s House of Retreats for the whole time was great, in that, we were able to connect with each other in our down time. My head is still full of everything and I am in the process of working through alot of the material and experiences. I didn’t realize how parched and dry I was in my inner world until I experienced the wells of spring water that came over me as I soaked in the learning and the experiences. As I work through what I learned and am learning, I will share with you on this blog. The most life changing experiences were the silent and contemplative prayer times. It is amazing what we hear when we listen in quietness and confidence reflecting on Scripture and inviting the Holy Spirit to speak to us!

We are heading out to Elkhorn Resort on Saturday for a week of relaxation, reading and recreation. Mark and Marilyn Jacobson are joining us until Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I know it will be a fun time!