The week at Elkhorn Resort was absolutely amazing! We had a week of relaxing with no schedule, just responding to the day and what it would bring. We had our amazing friends Mark and Marilyn Jacobson with us for four days! What a privilege to spend uninterrupted time with them having great conversations, great laughs, watching movies, eating, walking in the cold wind, sleeping late, eating wonderful snacks, reading books, and just hanging out with friends with whom you are totally comfortable! What a great time!

Still processing and working through much of the learning from my “Walking on Holy Ground” session…still embracing the slow work of God and gradual change that the Holy Spirit brings into my life. Reading on Sacred Space today and the words that stood out to me were when the Angel Gabriel came to Mary and spoke to her she was “perplexed…and pondered”. Mary didn’t get it right away either, she was perplexed and needed time to ponder what was happening. I too am somewhat perplexed with what is going on inside of me, but it is okay to take time to ponder and not to rush to conclusions or make rash decisions immediately. There is a sense of peace that goes along with not being rushed. God is not busy and rushed and urgent…He speaks in a still small voice and the only way I hear it is when I am still and pondering! Good words for me today!