Our trip to Phoenix was amazing and we came back all tanned from relaxing at the pool.  What a great week with Dwight and Joanne!  Well worth the aeroplan miles!

 Now I am expanding my horizons by going to the gym three times a week.  For those of you who know me, the gym is not a place that I frequent, and actually I am athletically dysfunctional and uncoordinated.  Well, Jerry and I are taking part in a study being done by a grad student on how exercise and flax seed oil affects a person’s joints, that is, people 60 years of age or older…now I don’t fit into that category as I have not reached 60 yet…but an exception was made for me to participate.  This is a 3 month study and we are required to go to the gym 3 times a week and do a workout for every joint in our bodies, plus a few more I didn’t know I had.  Today was my second time going through the weight resistant exercises, and I came out of there with my legs feeling like water!  I guess it comes down to “practise what you preach Gloria”!  I am always challenging others to move out of their comfort zone and try something new…so here goes gym time for Gloria!  By the end of 3 months I will be able to enter the body builders competitions for seniors….that is if I survive!