Matt and Jesika should be on their plane to London, England, and then on to Nairobi, Kenya.  They are going to be living together in a little place that their hosting family is building for them, which is about 10 to 12 miles outside of Kakamega where they will both be working.  No amenities out there…no electricity or running water…just like treeplanting!  So our grandpuppies are a little sad today…they sure know that something is going on…so I guess we will have to give them some special attention!  Life has been a little hectic with Matt home…Jesika surprised us on Monday morning as she was finished her treeplanting a little early…it was so great to see her.

Tamara is heading to Kaihsoung, Taiwan, for a few weeks to spend some time with her friend Liz.  She is hoping to come home for a few weeks in August.  Will be good to see her.  So til then it will be ma and pa at home with the grandpuppies!