Nettie… Thursday, Jun 28 2007 

Jerry’s oldest sister Nettie passed away today in Penticton from cancer. Please pray for her husband David, and her four sons, Rick, Doug, Dan and Ian, and her 3 grandchildren…sad day for this family.


Jesika’s blog… Sunday, Jun 24 2007 

Make sure you check out Jesika’s blog which is listed on the left hand side of my blog…just click on Jesika and you will get to her blog…she is blogging regularly from Kakamega, Kenya, where her and Matt are for the summer.

Weeding… Sunday, Jun 24 2007 

It has been another lovely sunny day here in Saskatoon and I had the joy of making sure all the weeds are removed from the flower beds before they get too big. My good friend Jacqueline has never gardened before this year and it has been fun to listen to her stories. When we looked at her garden a little over a week ago, it was fun to see all the different vegetables that were coming up, but the nasty part was that there were also those lovely weeds called “portulaca” that were coming up in huge bunches over alot of her garden. I proceeded to tell her that you needed to pull these weeds out by their roots or they would grow again. What I forgot to tell her is that you need to pull the weeds and put them into a pail and literally take them out of the garden because if you leave them pulled out on the ground they will grow again! She pulled the weeds out by the roots, like I said, but left them on the ground, and guess what, they grew again. I did some profuse apologizing when she told me what happened!

I am thinking that this is a little like our lives isn’t it. We know the things we should pull out by the roots as they are causing trouble in our lives, but we don’t remove them from the soil of our lives…we keep them around thinking that it won’t matter if we don’t get rid of them. Guess what happens, that habit or thought or action creeps back into our lives and begins to grow again and take root. Often it is about the “shoulds” in our live, but we never do anything about these “shoulds”. So what are the weeds in my life that I need to pull out by the root and get rid of?

Exercising… Tuesday, Jun 19 2007 

I am half way through my exercising program and I was retested today.  I certainly haven’t seen much change, but I was able to leg press 230 pounds today which is a lot more than I did 6 weeks ago.  I also was able to shoulder press 30 pounds more than 6 weeks ago.  I don’t feel any different, so not sure what this is all supposed to mean.  I think Jerry wants to continue doing this kind of thing after we are done this and believe it or not he wants to continue exercising together…I was hoping he would have memory loss when it came to this.  Anyhow, that is life in the exercise department of the Reimer household.  Jerry claims he is feeling much, much better with all his exercise…not sure what is the matter with me!!!!

Father’s Day Sunday, Jun 17 2007 

When Father’s Day comes around my thoughts always reflect back on the dad in my life.  In my young years of growing up, I didn’t much appreciate who he was and what he stood for, but as I have moved along in my maturity and age I am embracing more and more of what he was so much a part of.  As I have been doing alot of reading on “kingdom work” and being “missional” in how we live, I realize how blessed I am to have been raised in an environment where this was actually just the way my dad lived, and I can look back and see a picture of what kingdom and missional living is all about, as I have a living example to relate to.  Dad’s spirituality was how he lived and was interwoven into everything he did.  I realize that as I teach and speak to people, so much of my theology was developed from what dad taught at the breakfast table every morning, and the Sunday School classes he taught for years, and which I attended.  I never thought it out of the ordinary that dad never used a book to follow when he taught, it just came out of him.  I can remember him sitting with his open Bible on Sunday mornings, and sitting with his eyes closed, and now I know he was reflecting on Scripture and what it would mean for each of us in a practical way in our lives.  He would talk about a Scriptural principle and then he would say, “Now how do we live?” Good question…how does this relate to our ordinary life that we live every day.  Now if dad was reading this, he would probably be somewhat embarrassed by my words, but that is the influence he has been on my life.  He continues to mentor me and I ponder over and over the many things I learned from him over the years, and only now I am beginning to understand them and make them part of my life.  As you can see, I am a slow learner.  Hopefully somehow along the way these same principles are being passed on to the people around me.  My dad had no idea how his life would influence the people around him, he just lived his life the best way he knew how, loving God, loving his family…not perfectly but still loving them…loving his neighbour…and hopefully loving himself and embracing the person God created him to be…thanks dad…your influence continues to change me.

Beautiful sunny day today! Sunday, Jun 17 2007 

It was a great morning sitting in the sunshine reading the paper and drinking a great cup of coffee!  Jerry went fishing with his friend Gerry…leaving at 4:00 in the morning…crazy…so Shannon, Kristy’s friend, came and they took the dogs for their walk this morning.  Niko and Griffin were not happy to see me this morning as they were expecting their most beloved Jerry to take them for their run on the prairie!  Griffin refused to eat her breakfast food so Niko promptly ate both.  Once Griffin had her walk THEN she was ready to eat!  These dogs are more work than kids!  The best part though is that they do love us unconditionally and they don’t talk back!!  They are so funny to watch!  They love when we are outside with them and they play like crazy with each other…running as fast as they can around the yard…under the deck…behind the trees…they have little paths all over.   Griffin is much faster than Niko so Griffin runs and Niko hides and waits for her to come.  Hilarious!  We don’t have to go anywhere but into our backyard to be entertained for hours!  It’s cheap too!

Jesika’s Kenya Blog… Sunday, Jun 17 2007 

For those of you who are interested, Jesika is blogging on her and Matt’s experiences in Kenya this summer.  Just link to her name at the side of my blog and you will get into her blog.  She is an amazing writer and is very entertaining in recapturing their experiences.  They are settling into their life in Kakamega…very different from the Calgary culture.  Enjoy reading their escapades!

Facebook Friday, Jun 15 2007 

Well I just registered on Facebook…not sure that will do anything amazing to my life.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  Life is good!  Busy with our grandpuppies…keeping them happy and occupied.  Matt and Jesika are settling into their little mud house in Kakamega, Kenya…starting their internships on Monday.  Tamara is busy teaching English in Kaihsoing for a few weeks, hopefully coming home for a couple of weeks in August before returning to Japan.  Our life is global trying to keep connected to our kids. 

Update Friday, Jun 8 2007 

Life is going along with a few bumps and grinds. As I was pulling weeds at the church today I was thinking about how weeds are like sin in our life. If we ignore them they grow big and take over the good stuff in our lives. But if we pull them out by the root when they are small and if we do this consistently, the good shrubs and growth around us grows with vigor and with health. As we liken this to our lives we need to keep short accounts of the junk in our lives and make sure we get to the root of it so it won’t grow again. If we just cut off the top the root grows again and we have to deal with it all over again. My lesson today from pulling weeds by the roots. I also keep thinking and singing about “This is my Father’s World” and we have a responsibility to keep it in good health and to keep it healthy and green. Just some of my thoughts from today.