It was a great morning sitting in the sunshine reading the paper and drinking a great cup of coffee!  Jerry went fishing with his friend Gerry…leaving at 4:00 in the morning…crazy…so Shannon, Kristy’s friend, came and they took the dogs for their walk this morning.  Niko and Griffin were not happy to see me this morning as they were expecting their most beloved Jerry to take them for their run on the prairie!  Griffin refused to eat her breakfast food so Niko promptly ate both.  Once Griffin had her walk THEN she was ready to eat!  These dogs are more work than kids!  The best part though is that they do love us unconditionally and they don’t talk back!!  They are so funny to watch!  They love when we are outside with them and they play like crazy with each other…running as fast as they can around the yard…under the deck…behind the trees…they have little paths all over.   Griffin is much faster than Niko so Griffin runs and Niko hides and waits for her to come.  Hilarious!  We don’t have to go anywhere but into our backyard to be entertained for hours!  It’s cheap too!