It has been another lovely sunny day here in Saskatoon and I had the joy of making sure all the weeds are removed from the flower beds before they get too big. My good friend Jacqueline has never gardened before this year and it has been fun to listen to her stories. When we looked at her garden a little over a week ago, it was fun to see all the different vegetables that were coming up, but the nasty part was that there were also those lovely weeds called “portulaca” that were coming up in huge bunches over alot of her garden. I proceeded to tell her that you needed to pull these weeds out by their roots or they would grow again. What I forgot to tell her is that you need to pull the weeds and put them into a pail and literally take them out of the garden because if you leave them pulled out on the ground they will grow again! She pulled the weeds out by the roots, like I said, but left them on the ground, and guess what, they grew again. I did some profuse apologizing when she told me what happened!

I am thinking that this is a little like our lives isn’t it. We know the things we should pull out by the roots as they are causing trouble in our lives, but we don’t remove them from the soil of our lives…we keep them around thinking that it won’t matter if we don’t get rid of them. Guess what happens, that habit or thought or action creeps back into our lives and begins to grow again and take root. Often it is about the “shoulds” in our live, but we never do anything about these “shoulds”. So what are the weeds in my life that I need to pull out by the root and get rid of?