Eventful week… Sunday, Aug 19 2007 

Lots of things in the air these days…some great and some not so great…the great being that both Matt and Tamara arrived home safe and sound and we have about 9 days together.  It is so good to have them around and to be able to talk and hug them whenver I want.  They are amazing young adults and we enjoy so much having them around and hearing their perspective on life.  They teach us so much!  Great kids!


Harry Potter book done… Sunday, Aug 19 2007 

Well on Monday afternoon at 5:00 pm I finished the final Harry Potter book and it was well worth the wait and the read.  There were some surprises, but I was happy to know that I did figure out some of the story, although she does a great job on keeping pretty well everything under wraps until the very end of the book.  I thoroughly enjoyed these books and there were so many lessons and great quotes throughout all the books.  All about the choices we make in our lives!  Reminds me of something I used to quote to our kids all the time growing up…”Every choice has a consequence”. 

Harry Potter – final book Monday, Aug 6 2007 

Mason also loaned me the last Harry Potter book which I have begun reading.  I am going to savor every moment of reading…I have heard it is a good book so looking forward to enjoying it immensely!

Jordyn and Mason wedding… Monday, Aug 6 2007 

I officiated at a beautiful wedding yesterday held on the terrace at Louis’ on the university campus.  You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to have a wedding outdoors.  We danced and ate until well after midnight!  It was absolutely amazing.  Jordyn grew up across the street from our house and our daughter Tamara babysat the Friesen children for many years.  They are like a part of our family so to be able to do the wedding for Jordyn and Mason was a privilege.  For me there is always lots of preparation time as I like to make each wedding ceremony special to the couple that is being married.  It was worth every minute of preparation.  Jordyn’s grandfather was a minister and Jordyn’s mother gave me some of his sermons that he had written over the years, and included with those were some wedding ceremonies.  I was able to take parts of his ceremony done many years before and make it part of his grandaughter Jordyn’s ceremony, even though he passed away quite a few years ago.  That made the day very special for Jordyn and her family.  Mason comes from an incredible family as well, and he is just the nicest guy you could meet.  He is also the funniest and most exuberant guy as well!  He loves people and he loves to have fun, to laugh and to dance…which he did alot of!  It was one great amazing weekend with the Friesen and Loy families!

Blog up and running again… Thursday, Aug 2 2007 

I am finally back in business as I couldn’t get into my blog account as I had forgotten my password…so thankfully for my good friend Jordon who always remembers these kinds of trivia…I am now up and running again.

We had an amazing holiday at Waskesiu with my brother Ron, sister Doris and husband Lorne, sister Joanne and husband Dwight, and Jerry and I.  We were generously given the use of a beautiful cabin at the lake with 3 bedrooms and all the amenities, including air conditioning, so our stay was amazing.  We ate lots, enjoyed the sun, walked lots, the guys played frisbee in the water, and boochie on the grounds, for hours on end, we read lots, laughed lots, cried some, and just plain enjoyed ourselves.  We had absolutely amazing weather…hot and sunny…with a little rain and some thunder for Joanne’s sake.  The days went by so fast, and it seemed we had just arrived when we had to pack up and head home again.  Wonderful memories were made and great pictures were taken for keepsakes.

I am back at work for the next 4 weeks in August as it always seems August is a very busy month getting ready for the Fall season.  Matt and Tamara are both home the last part of August so I am taking that week as holidays and also the first two weeks of September when Jerry and I are heading to the west coast.

This has been an amazing summer with much enjoyment with the great weather.  Our grandpuppies have been lots of work, but also so much fun.  They are so much a part of our lives that it will seem strange not to have them around next month.  Our good friend Shannon came every morning and took them for a walk and fed them; and our next door neighbour Marie loves dogs and came every afternoon to make sure they were doing fine, while we were on holidays. Talk about being spoiled!  Oh the life of being a dog!

We have given the dogs free reign on the side of our house, so the holes are getting bigger and deeper every time we take another look.  When it was so hot they would dig into the soil to get cool and lay there for the day sleeping.  We will need to do a little work once they are back in Calgary.  They love our backyard where they can run and chase each other as fast as they can run.  It is absolutely hilarious.

Enough rattling on about life at the Reimers.  Just wanted to get caught up with the happenings in our lives.  Jerry is doing some renovation work with his friend Gerry this week, so that keeps him busy.