We are back from our holiday and I didn’t blog as I forgot how to get into my site to write a new post…left the info at home.  We travelled to Fairmont then on to Langley, B.C. to visit my sister Joanne and her family; then on to Kelowna to visit Steve and Jacqui Acree our good friends; then to Calgary to visit Matt and Jesika and fix some plumbing…that is Jerry and Matt fixed the plumbing…and experiencing the excitement of our grandpuppies, Niko and Grifin, on seeing us again; then on home to Saskatoon Monday evening; then on to work on Tuesday morning.

 We had a great time away.  The weather was absolutely beautiful everywhere we went.  We enjoyed the sun; golfing; eating; reading; visiting; spending 6 hours looking at “fixed up” old cars; listening to some great CDs; enjoying great ice cream; and all the other good things that comes with being away on vacation.

 Sad to come home to some of my beautiful plants frost bitten and hanging limply from the pots…they were so beautiful before leaving.  I am hoping to keeping this blog up-to-date a little more consistently.