Today I put into practice another Sabbath day.  My chest infection is into its 4th week and is still giving me some grief.  I worked some long days this week, so decided to take a day to reflect and be quiet.  I reread some of the chapters in the book by Ron Rolheiser “The Holy Longing”.  It is probably one of the best books I have read in the last year.  I reread the chapter on the “Paschal Mystery” and how it can become part of our daily life.  He talks about how we need embrace small deaths in our life every day and by embracing them we then have the capacity and strength to embrace new life and a new spirit for that new life.  Just some good thoughts about the reality of living real life and not remaining in some daydream world.  I also began reading a book on “Jesus through the Centuries”.  A book with a different perspective, but if we only read to affirm what we already know, we will never learn about other views and perspectives…gives me an opportunity to do some critical thinking and be prepared for some good conversations with my good friend Chris Garner.  Good day today!  Tonight we watched “Bad Boys I and II”.  We had some good laughs!