Welcome to 2008!  We brought the new year in with friends and then promptly drove home to drop into bed.  We actually didn’t get up until 9:00 am, which is unheard of for Jerry!  Matt and Jesika headed back to Calgary and arrived home safely.

Christmas was great!  Matt and Jesika came home on December 22nd and stayed until today.  They did not anticipate staying that long, but Matt came down with the same cold/flu I have been fighting since December 19th, so we did not do much, but nurse our coughs; take drugs for our fever and chills; and blow our noses.  I have to admit I am very tired of this sickness and am not impressed that I have been sick the whole time of my holidays.  Having said all that, we did have some fun times watching movies, playing games and just hanging out!  Niko and Griffin were along so Jerry had the privilege of going along for their daily run in the country, which he thinks kept him from coming down with the “cold/flu” although he was fighting it as well.

 I am not sure what 2008 will bring.  I purposely did not make any New Year’s Resolutions!  It is much more fun to see what life brings your way rather than perhaps purposely going in the wrong direction by setting goals and New Year’s Resolutions!  Some would call this a “faith” walk while others would call it purposeless stupidity.  I have learned that if I had “goaled” out my life I would have never experienced or be where I am today, as my course as taken me places I would have never dreamed of.  That is what makes life exciting.

Matt and Jesika both gave me a unique gift this Christmas.  On my blog a couple of months ago I had asked people to respond to some questions I was looking for feedback from.  They both gave me their responses as a “gift”.  I so appreciated their honesty and candor as I know it is not easy to respond to such questions when the “asker” is your mom and your mother-in-law.  It has been very interesting to see a similar thread through each of the responses.  It has been a very good exercise for me and I will continue to ruminate on each response.  I am still waiting for my response from Jerry!!!  He keeps telling me that he responds to those things every day and I am just not listening.  There is probably a lot of truth in that response!

To each of you who wander over to this blog may the year 2008 be one of learning and new experiences.  My life is just that…my life! 

I have done some reading these past days.  I usually have a few books on the go at the same time…here is what I am reading

“I Am Hutterite” by Mary-Ann Kirby.  What an amazing book!  She lives in Prince Albert and she grew up and resided in Hutterite Colonies around where I grew up and then when her family left the Colony they moved to farms very close to where we lived.  A great book on the Hutterite culture and a great book on forgiveness.  I picked it up at McNally Robinson and it well worth the read.

“The War Room” by Warren Kinsella…a gift from Jordon and Wendy Cooper.  I am nearly through this book as well.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it as I really enjoy politics and Warren Kinsella has such a sense of humour.  I also loved it because it is Canadian politics and he uses many stories which makes it so interesting.  He also gives a good look at what goes on behind the scenes.  He is also very practical as he breaks it down into ten lessons which can be applied to lots of different organizations.  Very good!

“Jesus through the Centuries” by Jaroslav Pelikan…a book given to me by Chris Garner.  This is more of a textbook, but very good read.  I have to read slowly and often re-read, but some great learning.  “To borrow the distinction of Werner Elert, alongside the “dogma of Christ” there has always been the “image of Christ.” Jesus through the Centuries is a history of the “image or [or images] of Christ.”  This quote pretty well sums up the purpose of the book. 

I received The One Year Chronological Bible which I hope to get through…not necessarily in one year but however long it takes.  Last time I read through the Bible in one year it took me 4 years, so this might be the same, who knows!  I was perusing through Isaiah and Jeremiah this week and realized how much I missed the Old Testament.  The past while I have spent much time in the New Testament, but I long to get back to some of those amazing passages in the Old Testament.

I have made no timeline for this reading and I have at least 20 other books that I have not begun to read, but I will get to them.  I received my copy of “The Contemplative Pastor” by Eugene Peterson the other day from Amazon…a book recommended by Jordon Cooper when he responded to my questions…so I do listen to those around me.

I always love to hear what others are reading, so let me know what is on your priority list when it comes to 2008.