I finished this book tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it…especially the last 3 chapters.  I loved the chapter on “Get the Handle Scandal Manual!”  He wrote alot about sponsorships and the whole Gomery Inquiry.  I love his partisanship and his “shoot from the hip” style of writing.  You don’t have to guess where he stands on any issue.  Very refreshing!  I also enjoyed the chapter on “Get Modern!”.  This is all about the internet including blogging.  He includes Ten Reasons Why Internet Bloggy Stuff is Pretty Important and the one I appreciated the most was

“They’re (Bloggers) Proudly Biased!  Fair’s Fair:  I don’t think the traditional news media are wrong, necessarily to aspire to journalistic objectivity.  I just think—like most citizens—that the media are laughable when they actually believe it.  To put a fine point on it, ‘journalistic objectivity’ is more than an oxymoron.  It’s unadulterated bullshit…Suggesting that media objetivity is possible is more than wrong—it insults peoples’  intelligence.  And it’s yet another reason why blogs have become so popular in such a short time.”

He finished his book with “Get Fighting”…a great ending.  In reading this book I felt his passion and belief in what he was saying.  Some great insights written with “spit and fire”.  Great read!  Thanks to Jordon and Wendy for this great Christmas gift.