I have a little over a week to go and I will be officially retired from Lakeview Church.  I will have completed exactly 12 years of employment there.  I came into Lakeview the beginning of September 1996.  I came on staff as the Ministry Facilitator, responsible for administration and ministry facilitation, under the new pastorship of Dean Angell.  There is no doubt my life has seen some radical change, slowly, over these years.  I am so grateful for the opportunities I had to learn and grow through the many situations that came into my life.  I am hoping to chronicle my journey of retirement.  I am starting out my retirement by heading to Japan on Monday, August 25th, to spend time with our daughter, Tamara and her husband Benny, who are expecting our first grandchild in September.  I will be traveling alone as Jerry is coming later in September.  Great way to start retirement…move out of my comfort zone by experiencing traveling across the world by myself.  I am not sure what is ahead, but I am excited about the future and the opportunities awaiting.  Who knows?  I might enter politics!