I have officially moved out of my office at Lakeview and from my perspective official retirement has begun.  The office looks pretty bare and lonely, but the task is done.  Just a couple of things to be returned to the Barbour residence.  I have bequeathed my bookshelves to Jeb and hopefully he will put them to good use.  I am heading to Japan early tomorrow morning beginning my trek across the world to spend time with our daughter, her husband, and our coming grandchild.  It is exciting but also I have to admit I am a little nervous.  But life is all about learning new things and stretching ourselves out of our comfort zone.  It will be awesome to spend time with Tamara and just hang out for a few days before our little “Chella”  makes her official appearance.

We celebrated my sister Doris’ and her husband Lorne’s 40th wedding anniversary this weekend in Waskesiu.  It was a great time and a fun time looking back over the years they have been together.  Jerry and I will be married for 40 years on June 28, 2009, so we are not far behind them.  We have spend many, many occasions together with Lorne and Doris and their family.  We have had so many fun times and we have shared lots of laughter together.  We have also walked some hard roads together as well.  Life isn’t always a barrel of laughs…there are tears along the way as well.  We have shed our share of tears as well.  Overall, we have had some great years and we are grateful.

Our son Matt and his wife Jesika are heading out to Davis, California this week as Matt starts his years of study at the University of California.  They are pulling a trailer of their belongings behind their Subaru which will hopefully get them across the mountains and into Davis safely.  They have been busy selling off some of their stuff to be able to get just what they need into the trailer.  Should be an interesting trek for them!  We are hoping that the brakes hold through the mountains and the motor keeps chugging into California.

Well, here’s to life in a new direction.  Not sure what lies ahead, but I do know that it will be interesting and in many ways new.  I also know that God is amazing and He will never abandon me and will always be above me, beside me, beneath me, around me, within me, guiding and directing as we walk life together.  That is what gives me strength and confidence in the future, knowing that God is in everything and is everywhere, and that He is especially in the ordinary walk of life.  I am so grateful as well for family and friends who are so encouraging and loving.  We surely do need each other!