The second night of sleeping in Sasebo did not go too well.  My old body was not wanting to adjust to the time diffeernce of sleeping rather than being awake.  My day yesterday was something of a drag physically, but Tamara kept me going for the whole day and I did get a 11 hour sleep last night.  Was in bed by 9:30 pm which must be a record for me.

Hot and humid is the norm here.  We had another cloudy day yesterday which was wonderful.  Tamara and I headed out to the covered downtown section of Sasebo so have a Starbucks.  That was great as I knew what I wanted and didn’t have to worry that I couldn’t read the menu.  The Japanese people are so polite and friendly.  Very different from my experience in Asia.  We also went to the Dollar Store here, which is Tamara’s favorite, to get the things we need to set up the baby’s room.  Very excited!  We think we are pretty well finished with that, but now just have to put it together.  It is just the two of us hanging out as Benny is still gone and won’t be back until next week.  Then Jerry comes on September 8th.  It will be fun to have him here.

Sasebo is a harbour City and the Japanese navy is here as well with their big ships in the harbour.  We are going to go and watch Benny’s huge aircraft carrier come into the harbour next week.  There is also one of the biggest ship builders on the harbour.  Absolutely phenomenal to see the huge cranes that they use to build these huge ships.  Tamara said she watched one being built from start to finish.  I am hoping we can get a tour of how they do that.  Looks very interesting.

It is quite funny being on Base with Tamara.  There everything can be paid for in American dollars and we went out for supper to the Mongoli Grill last night and I ate too much.   It was amazing.  Once Jerry and Benny are here, Tamara says we will go out to some of the restaurants they enjoy.  We had to stop the car and listen to the “taps” as they took down the American flag last night.  Tamara was driving fast so we outdrive it, but all of a sudden she put on her brakes, put on her hazards, and we sat and listened.  Everyone removes their hats/caps and stands at attention.  Quite interesting!

The streets and roads are something else here.  Very narrow and aall the cars are small.  I don’t know what you do if your car ever gets into trouble and you have to stop as there is no wear to pull off the road.   They build their roads through the hills using tunnels, and they build their roads above the City on big raised roads.  They are building one right now over Sasebo and it is something to see how it is being built.  Not alot of landmass, so they go under and above.

People are very friendly and are willing to help you with anything.  For me, it would be a big adjustment to live in another culture.  Watching Tamara and how she loves this kind of life is so interesting.  She loves Japan as it is super organized and clean.

It is fun being with Tamara.  I do feel far from home!  It seems like I have been gone a long time!  Probably as the time passes, when it is time to go home, I won’t be able to believe it has gone this fast.  I can hardly wait to hold that little baby.  She is an active little person, and Tamara keeps talking to her and telling her to have a nap!  She gets hic-ups as well, and it is too funny!  She reminds me of my friend Brooke, in the last days of her pregnancy, swollen feet and finding it a little harder to move about each day.

We head to the doctor today, so hopefully we will find out if the baby has dropped and maybe get some idea if she will come early or not.

Life is all about learning!  For me experiential learning is the hardest and that is what I am learning right now!  Good way to start retirement…on a steep learning curve!