Had my first little experience with one of the little creatures out here.  Tamara has eyes like a hawk and sees them as soon as they move.  Out comes the can of Raid and the little creature is done here on earth.  They are not preety creatures and this one was a baby…but not too excited of the prospect of seeing more.

Tamara and I have been busy washing baby clothes and setting up the room for baby.  It has been fun and exciting.  Tamara is finding it a little more difficult to get around as she is getting rounder and rounder.  We went to the doctor and Chella is doing well and thinking she will hang out until her due date.

We’ve been swimming in the afternoon at the awesome pool on Base.  This has been a lifesaver for Tamara as it helps her swollen feet and legs.  It is so relaxing sitting at the pool having no worries in the world!!!!  Have been doing some reading and just hanging out with my daughter.  We went downtown again yesterday and just walked around with a stop at Starbucks.  I could sit for hours and watch the people.  Being in another culture is so educational…especially when you can’t understand the language but can just watch the people’s facial expressions.  There is no sense of fashion here and we do alot of laughing.  The smells are so different and I find them hard to get used to.  Tamara doesn’t sense any of them anymore, but they is a whole different scent here.  Lots of it has to do with the food that is being prepared, but their infrastructure isn’t the greatest here either.

Driving here is still something else.  We were driving off the main streets the other day and the streets are so incredibly narrow.  Tamara said the other day a mom stopped her car in the middle of her lane and let her son out to go to the bathroom at the side of the road, with cars being backed up for blocks…that is how it works here.  Hilarious!  There is rhyme or reason to their city planning.  Houses are built everything and on any hill.  Most of the houses are on the edge of the hills and you have to climb a myriad of steps to get to their houses.  Because of the way the houses are built, in order to own a car here you have to first confirm that you have a place to park it.  Parking is at a premium and when you go downtown, you see cars parked double height…the first car parks on a lift and it is raised up and then there is another parking spot underneath.

I wish I was able to describe the breadth of the ship yards here that built new ships.  Everytime I go by it I am totally overwhelmed with the hugeness of the ships they are the building and the huge number of enormous cranes are used to build these big ships.  The employees use bikes to get around the shipping site as it is so huge.  It is absolutely incredible.  I can hardly wait for Jerry to get here and see if we can get a tour of the place.

Matt and Jesika called us yesterday morning from their new home in Davis, California.  They arrived with no mishaps and were happy as ttwo little kids in their new home.  Skype is something else.  We could see them and talk to them, and Matt gave us a tour of their new place.  They now are looking to furnish it as they pretty well took nothing with them except their mattress.  Apparently the long weekend in September is the weekend that everyone moves and garage sales are everywhere, so they were hoping to get whatever they needed that way.  They were having a hotspell in Davis and it was over 100 degrees outside and poor Niko was sprawled out in the shade totally wasted from the heat.  Matt says it cools down in the evening,  so hopefully they will adjust to the new environment and weather.

We are going out for lunch with  Tamara’s friend Tina today.  Her husband is on the same ship as Benny.  Benny will be home this week and Jerry will be here on the 9th of September, that will be your September 8th.  It is funny for me to be talking to Jerry the day before…I have already finished living that day, but he is still in the day before.  It seems easier for me to think ahead…Tamara being 15 hours ahead of us in Saskatchewan.

Another couple of days in Japan!  Feeling a little bit more settled in Tamara’s home, finding out where everything is.  Not sure about getting around the City and not sure about communicating with the people…that kind of freaks me out.  I let Tamara do all of that stuff…I just watch.

Still hot and humid and it will probably stay like that for a few weeks yet.  Hot and sunny today!