Tamara and I went shopping for fresh produce in a supermarket close to her place.  Very intereseting!  Saw with my own eyes a catalope for close to $15.00…actually more than one and a watermelon for $24.00.  Fresh fruit is very expensive and Tamara bought a couple of pear-apples as she was hungry for them.  We just walked through the aisles to see what people here eat and shop for.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of fish and seafood.  Fresh shrimp and crab very cheap.  Lots of different kinds of mushrooms and Tamara talked about the ones she enjoys the most for cooking.  Lots and lots and lots of Tofu of every kind, color and shape.  Lots of their foods are packaged in small portions, including their bread, which is very expensive, but has only about 6 slices per loaf.  Tamara also loves their yogurt.  It was just so neat to experience the different smells and environment.

We then headed to a clothing and household goods store.  It was fun just strolling through the store observing the people and how they shopped.  Sunday is the only day off in Japan as the work week is 6 days a week including Saturday.  Saw many grandmothers, moms and daughters shopping together…3 generations.  The furniture here is all very low and close to the floor.  Tamara is wanting a rocking chair or comfortable chair for when the baby comes, and we can’t find anything here that isn’t low to the floor.  We will have to keep looking!

We went to a great Indian Restaurant for lunch.  Amazing food!  I am not too keen on sushi and there is lots of that here.