Last evening as Tamara and I were relaxing in the livingroom, both being very tired, Tamara suddenly stands up and says “I heard a bug fall from the ceiling!”  “I heard it bounce on the floor.”  So we steathily and quietly walk into the kitchen and check the floors and then walk into the front hallway AND I SAW IT…a huge cockroach scrambling across the floor into the front entrance.  Tamara asks, “Where is it?”  “I’m not sure”, I reply, “but I saw it scramble under the broom so it could be anywhere.”  “I see it, it is by the door.”  “Get it Tamara as it is really fast!”  Tamara is ready with the HOT SHOT Roach & Ant Killer and begins to spray.  In a few seconds the Roach is lying on its back and taking its last couple gasps.  This one was not a baby…it was huge.  Now comes the sleeping part, as this Roach had dropped from the ceiling on to the floor…hence the not so good sleep as all I could picture was this big Roach falling from the ceiling on to my head while I was sleeping.  It was very hot and humid so sleeping witih my head under the covers did not work well!  I did alot of self talk to tell myself that I had much more strength within myself than to be afraid of a BIG ROACH!  Didn’t really work well!  Praying didn’t help too much either to overcome the fear!  Not too sure about my faith these days!!!!

Tamara is talking loudly on her cell phone at 4:30 AM.  I jump out of bed thinking she is telling Benny that we are off to the hospital, as that is what I hear her say.  However, she is talking to her friend Tina, who is crying on the phone, because she woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream, laying on the floor, she tries to get back in bed, but the bottom part of her left arm won’t work…she thinks she has broken her elbow and is on the way to the hospital in an ambulance.  Now she is in an ambulance driven by Japanese who know no English and she knows very little Japanese.  There are two hospitals here and Tamara is not sure which one is the correct one.  We drive up to one hospital and it looks pretty dark with nobody around.  Tamara says, I am not sure where to go as I can’t read any of the Japanese signs, maybe I should have gone around the building.  Well, let’s head off to the other hospital.  We get there, Tamara says, “Mom you get out and ask if Tina is here and if this is the right hospital.”  I said, “How can I do that as I don’t speak any Japanese?”  Tamara says, “I know but neither do I speak any, just go and ask.”  So in I go and ask with this poor older Japanese gentleman trying to understand what I am saying.  Everyone is so polite here and try so hard to please you.  I hear Tamara on the phone and says “Ask if this is Sogo Hospital” which I did and he understood Sogo and indicated that we needed to go back to the hospital we had been at.  We head back to where we had just been with Tamara hoping that she is on the right roads, and this time we go around to the back side of the hospital we were at first, and there is the ambulance.  We park and we get out and the ambulance driver says “Tina” and we say “Yes” and they direct us into the hospital.

Tina ended up with a dislocated elbow, together with a fracture which requires surgery.  So our day today was full of taking her from hospital to clinic to home to helping her shower and get dressed to back to the clinic for a catscan…and in between all of that Tamara had a pedicure, waxing, and reflexology appointment.  I fell asleep on the floor waiting for her.

We are now back at home.  Very hot again today.  Tamara has been feeling some slight contractions, so who knows, this might be another short night.

Finished reading my Sailing to Sarantium series…loved it…and will start on some of the other books I brought along that were given me for my Retirement Party.