Benny took me and Tamara on to the USS Essex the other evening and gave us this amazing tour of the ship he serves on.  We must have spent about 3 hours on the ship as Benny took on to the flight deck and pretty well through the main portions of it.  I was not allowed to take pictures and I probably shouldn’t say too much of what we saw, but it was absolutely amazing.  These ships are like small countries floating on the water.  They are totally self contained and have everything on it that any of the people on the ship would need.  Having said that, there is no way I would be able to survive in such close quarters.  There is really not very much privacy and very few windows and I just felt clausophobic on it.  It is an amphibious ship so it has types of aircraft landing on it and also specialized boats that are utilized with the ship as well.  If you want more indepth information on the ship, I would encourage you to google it.

Benny has been off for the weekend so we have been relaxing together.  Both days we went to the beautiful swimming pool and swam in hot, hot weather. We have been having alot of fun.  Tamara is still moving around slowly and waiting for this little one to arrive.  We have laughed lots, eaten well, gone to Starbucks, walked in the park, watched movies, and played Scrabble every evening.

It is now Monday afternoon and Tamara went to the doctor this afternoon.  Little “Chella” has not dropped yet, but the doctor says everything looks good.  Tamara’s due date is Friday, September 12th, so we will see what happens.  Jerry comes in tomorrow evening and we will head to Fukuoka to pick him up.  Looking forward to that happening.  We bought Tamara a Slider Rocker this afternoon as she really does not have any chair to sit on to rock her little baby.

One spider story…the other evening I was telling Benny this story of me growing up and some of the stuff I had experienced as a child, telling this story while standing in front of the stove.  Benny is intently listening to me, but all of a sudden I notice that he is looking towards my right side, and he slowly gets up from his stool and walks to stand behind me, and then I hear a big “bang” on the wall right beside my head, and there is Benny standing with a magazine which he has hit on the wall, and under it is a smashed spider.  He thought it was quite funny, but I did appreciate that he did not tell me there was a huge spider there, but quietly got up and killed it before I even saw it.

I was visiting with a woman at the swimming pool yesterday afternoon and she was telling me her experiences with the cockroaches and huge spiders.  It was quite hilarious.  Well, as long as we can laugh about these experiences, I guess it is okay.