We drove out to Fukuoka last night to pick up Jerry from the airport.  It was an absolutely beautiful drive through the huge hills or mountains and to see the rice paddied nestled between the lush tropical terrain and small villages alongside.  This was my first travel through the country in the daylight.  The road system is something else and I was glad to have Bennie driving with help of navigation from Tamara.  All the roads are toll roads so you have to pay to drive on them.  Fukuoka is a City of about 1.4 million and the road system, to me at least, is very complex, but Bennie grew up in LA so it wasn’t a big to him.  The hard part is when there is no English on the signs.  Jerry had a very long flight over here and was very tired, but had a good sleep last night for his first night in Japan.

It is Tamara’s 31st birthday today.  We celebrated last night at the Hard Rock Cafe, where they sang to Tamara and she got a free ice cream Sundae.  The evening was absolutely calm with great temperatures so we did a little walking around as well  We were by the big Yahoo Stadium where a baseball game was in progress.  We are planning a laid back day with Tamara.  It looks like the baby will be coming by the end of the week.

We just talked to DJ and Cheryl in Saskatoon on Skype.  It is hard to believe that we can see each other on the computer and we are thousands of miles apart.  Matt and Jesika called today as well and Jesika showed us the foot long strand of grapes she picked from their backyard.  LIfe is good!