The last couple of days have been hot, humid and sunny.  The first day Jerry was here Benny and Tamara took us around and about Sasebo and area.  It is absolutely awesome…we went out to Tamara’s favorite park, Hirado Bay Park,  and walked in the heat.  Japan is made up of islands and we could look out and see small islands all around us.  Everything is built high and you don’t realize when you are driving that so many of the roadways are above the towns and cities and over bodies of water.  When you get to a highpoint where you can look over the landscape, you begin to realize all the roadways are above.  There are always high walls on the sides of the roadways so you actually can’t see exactly where you are.  We walked down to the water’s edge and then had to walk all the way back up…not an easy task for Tamara…but she did it!  We toured around for much of the day, just hanging out together.

We barbacued ribs for dinner and then some of Benny’s shipmates came over bringing flowers and cards for Tamara’s birthday.  Another game of Scrabble was played and we enjoyed Oreo Cookie Cheese Cake for Tamara’s birthday cake.  Great fun!

Yesterday we gave Benny a day off from driving us around and Jerry, Tamara and myself washed and cleaned the car; Tamara then had the baby’s carseat installed as they have to adjust the carseats for the Japanese make of cars.  Now Jerry and I get to sit real close in the backseat!!  It was very hot and sweat was pouring down all parts of our bodies.

We went to Starbucks for coffee and people watching.  It is so interesting to watch people in another culture.  I wish I was able to converse with them, but that would take some time for me to do.

We came home and Tamara finished up packing and her and Benny headed out to the Women’s Clinic where they will deliver their baby.  Still no news, but Tamara is working at it.  Hopefully everything will go well and we will be able to publish the news.

Still loving Japan.  Most of all I am enjoying the laid back feeling of not having to go or be anywhere at any particular time.  Just embracing each day and enjoying time with our kids.  Can hardly wait to hold that little grandbaby…that will be amazing!