We have been thoroughly enjoying being grandparents.  Chela is absolutely beautiful and we love to hold her, hug her and give her lots of love.  Tamara will be at the Women’s Clinic until Tuesday, as her hemoglobin and iron levels are very low, so the doctor would like her to stay an extra day.  She can still be quite lightheaded when she stands up quickly.  Chela is adapting to nursing well and for most of the afternoon her grandma held her as she slept.  She has so much dark hair and she is such a strong baby, squirming, stretching, and holding her head up and bobbing it around.  No wonder Tamara complained about all the kicks and hard pushing this little one did inside her.  Jerry got to see the USS Essex today as Benny took him for a tour this evening.  We are now at Benny and Tamara’s place as Benny stays with Tamara and Chela.  The Japanese show know how to care for their new moms.  The Women’s Clinic where Tamara is staying, is absolutely amazing.  The service, the meals, the accommodations are exemplary.  We are totally enjoying our stay here and are just so blessed to be able to be here at this special time in our lives.