Our new family came home today around noon.  Chela has spent her first afternoon and evening in her new home.  She loves to eat and is not happy when her mommy is not ready to feed her.  She is an impatient little one and is quite funny in her impatience  Tamara is still very tired.  Benny and Tamara ran around this afternoon getting all the paperwork done.  It is not an easy task being born in Japan and having parents who are Canadian and American, especially as there is a move coming in the beginning of November to California.  Chela has been registered at the City Hall and has her Japanese birth certificate.  Now they have to apply for her to get her Amerian passport to be able to travel to the USA in November  Chela slept on Jerry’s chest for most of the afternoon while mom and dad did their running around.  They did have to come home for one feed in the middle.  Adjusting to a new little person in the house is always stressful.  As the days move along, we will all get more organized and life will get easier.  Still enjoying Japan and the friends Tamara and Benny have.  A group of them dropped in again this evening, and they are great people.  So goes another day in Japan!