Tamara took us to “Log Kit” for hamburgers.  We had gone by the place on the weekend and their were lineups to get in and get their hamburgers.  A quaint little restaurant again, with very good burgers and fries.  Chela cooperated by sleeping in her carseat under the counter!  We were trying to keep her away from the other patrons who were smoking!  Anyway, it was fun.  We could see where Tamara can lived in her apartment from the parking lot of the restaurant.  They are building a huge new roadway system which is right outside her old apartment…quite an amazing road system…they build up and over the buildings or through the hills and under the buildings…quite something to see.  They also use every nook and cranny for their buildings…some of the buildings are only 6 feet wide and fit into some pretty small spaces.  Everything is small here…you go into the stores and all the furniture is low to the floor…the legs of the chairs and couches are all very short and low.  My back hurts just looking at them.  Tamara’s counters are very low in her place, so it really hurts your back to wash dishes and prepare meals.  Jerry particularly found it hard to do anything in the kitchen….much to his chagrin…however, he didn’t miss giving Chela her bath every morning.