After hanging out for most of the day, we headed out to enjoy one of Benny’s favorite Japanese restaurants.  We sat in true Japanese style and enjoyed some great drinks, sushi, Sake (Rice Wine…very good)…Benny ordered his favorite items and we had just a great time.  We were given an appetizer of pickled fish, much like the pickled herring I grew up with.  I tried a bit, but Jerry loved it.  I didn’t try the sushi as I am not much of a sushi lover…but again Benny and Jerry took care of the sushi for us.  The Sake was very good…was surprised at how good it tasted.  We had alot of fun and Chela cooperated very well and slept through the whole time.  The Japanese are intrigued by this little baby, and they all want to look at her…of course we think she is amazing!

We then head out to a restaurant called “The Steak Salon”.  It is a very tiny restaurant with about 18 – 20 seating places, at the most.  We have heard that the food there is amazing and Tamara wanted to see if that was true.  I must say that it truly was one of the best meals I have ever had.  From the salad, which was extraordinary, the soup, the main course, and the dessert, were all incredibly delicious.  I ate every morsel and delighted in every bite.  I am not really one who relishes eating, but this was indeed one of the best treats for us.  Again, Chela was amazing, as we fed her and she promptly went back to sleep.  The one thing we can’t get used to here, is that smoking is still allowed everywhere here, including the restaurants.  Very unappetizing as you are eating your delicious food and someone is smoking right beside you.  What we love about many of the Japanese eating places, is that they are mostly very small and intimate settings.  At The Steak Salon we sat right in front of the person cooking our meal and it was all very informal and intimate…very enjoyable.  A great memory for us.  We then headed home as we had to get up early the next morning to drive to Fukuoka to drop Benny off at the airport to head back to the ship.