We rented a car to take Benny to the airport in Fukuoka.  You can rent a car cheaper for the day than driving your own car, as the roads are all toll roads, and the cost of driving back and forth from Sasebo to Fukuoka is a little over $80.00.  When you rent a car at the Base you receive toll coupons covering the cost of the toll roads.  If you drive on the roads, you pay for them…that is the way it works in Japan.  Very expensive here to get your license, own a car and to drive the roads.  We went out for lunch before dropping Benny off at the airport.  In the afternoon Jerry, Tamara, Chela and I went through a Japanese Garden, walked downtown Fukuoka, which is a City of 1.3 million people, stopped at Starbucks for something to drink to cool off, and then headed back to Sasebo.  Chela was not a happy camper heading home, and had a screaming fit in her carseat.  In the end, I took her out of her seat, fed her and held her all the way home.  Here people do not use carseats for their children…they hold them.  I did not feel comfortable doing this, but it was either hold her or watch her choke as she was screaming until she was literally gasping and turning all red…what do you do…you do what you can!  We had to make a few detours to get home as the roads can be quite confusing here…from the shear number of them…to the way the signage is.  We were glad to get back home safe and sound.

Sorry to see Benny leave.  He is done in Sasebo and everything will be packed up and Tamara will have moved out of their house by the time he gets back on November 11th.  On November 13th they head out to Los Angeles and then to El Centro, where they will be living.  The two years in Sasebo, Japan, are nearly over…Tamara arrived here the end of November 2006 with Benny arriving here about the same time.  The rest is history!