Thank the Lord for internet service in Sasebo, Japan, or there would be no news whatsoever from over yonder in far away Canada.  Tamara’s TV is satellite provided by the US Navy with no advertising except for the recruitment of personnel…hence only USA TV available…can hardly bear to watch any of it anymore…so keeping watch over the Canadian election was done purely by using my new laptop Macbook…which by the way is amazing!

I am not terribly disappointed in another minority government…beyond the fact we didn’t have to spend all this money to get exactly what we already had…but I believe minority governments can work for the betterment of the people.  With huge majorities, a Party can do exclusively what it wants without having to listen to work with any other perspectives from other parties.  With a minority, it is a necessity to work together to bring governance that is palletable to more than your own party line.  Lester B. Pearson was a pro at this and brought in some of the most enterprising directives during his tenure as Prime Minister of Canada, both terms with a minority government.  Anyway, it will be interesting to see what Steve Harper’s new agenda will be for this next term…if in fact he has an agenda that is known outside of his little circle of confidants!!  We will see!

Another Presidential Debate Thursday evening in the USA.  I listened to part of all of the other debates, but have to admit my interest did wane after awhile.  The rhetoric of American politics can be nauseating sometimes…especially some of the reporters who are supposed to be doing the interviewing but all the time give their own views and don’t let the people they are interviewing speak their piece.  I have to admit I am missing THE NATIONAL which has been my steady news source for a long time.  I hope Peter is still around when I head back to Canada.

We are heading to Nagasaki again tomorrow as Tamara needs to pick up her police check which she needs for her interview in Tokyo on Monday, October 27th.  I still haven’t posted on our last trip to Nagasaki, which was very interesting and informative.  Will hopefully do that i the next few days.  Our days have been full with our little Chela, who I believe, is beginning to respond to her mom and grandma more and more.  We laughed so hard at her tonight as Tamara put this little cap on her head for the night, and Chela reminded us of the people who worked in the chocolate factory we toured in New Zealand…it was quite funny.  I have posted some pictures and a couple of videos on Facebook of Chela.

Still beautiful weather here in Sasebo.  In the 70’s during the day and high 60’s at night…sunny and blue skies.  I hear there is snow in Saskatchewan.  Haven’t worn a sweater here yet and read a book yesterday on the patio in the sun…awesome!