We drove to Nagasaki yesterday to pick up Tamara’s police check which she needs for her Visa interview with the American Embassy in Tokyo.  It was a beautiful day and it was my second trip to Nagasaki.  The first time we went we toured the World Peace Symbol Park, which was erected to commerate the bombing on Nagasaki at the end of WW2.  I loved this park with its beautiful Peace Statue and Water park.  There are also many different statues erected by many different countries around the world looking for peace to reign globally.  I loved the symbolism of this park and each of the statues were so unique to each country that contributed them.  I loved that diversity!  When we were there yesterday, the park was full of students from many different schools touring the park with different guides.  The majority of the students wear uniforms from the school they are attending.  Also the students wear different coloured caps, each yellow represents the different grades they are in…so when you see students walking home from school, you know what grade they are in by the colour of the cap they wear.

We also toured the Atomic Bomb Museum the first time in Nagasaki.  I found this quite disturbing as it showed the horrific affect the bomb had on the people and the city.  Most of the victims were children, women and seniors, and the pictures of how they burned and the devastation that was left behind, is almost impossible to comprehend.  What is so amazing, as you look around the City has been completely rebuilt and it absolutely beautiful.  It is like beauty came from the ashes of the destruction.  The Japanese people are very resilient and they just start over again.

There is so much history here!  You could spend alot of time just taking in all the changes that have happened over the 100s of years.  The drive to Nagasaki is absolutely beautiful as you follow the edge of the water.  There are canals everywhere and lots of bridges.  When you are on the bridges you don’t realize how high you are until you drive down to ground level and look up from where you just drove.  Like I have said before, you are either above the water and buildings, or driving through tunnels and are underneath…quite amazing!