Well, my two months in Japan are coming to an end.  I fly out of Narita Airport (Tokyo) at 5:20 pm tomorrow afternoon, October 28th, heading for Vancouver arriving at 9:20 am the same day I left!  I end up in Palm Springs on Tuesday evening, shortly after I left Tokyo!  I love time changes especially when you fly over the ocean and time zones.

So here are some of the experiences/observations in Sasebo, Japan that I don’t want to forget:

  1. the extreme heat and humidity in September
  2. vehicles are all small here like matchbox vehicles…no diesel trucks or semi-trailers…their little delivery trucks you could put in your pocket
  3. narrow streets
  4. roadways are built up and over the buildings or you make tunnels through the hills…amazing!
  5. infrastructure in Tokyo is absolutely mind-boggling!
  6. clothes hung on the balconies and patios to dry as they have no clothes dryers
  7. buildings can be as narrow as 6 feet
  8. water and canals everywhere
  9. Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki very disconcerting!
  10. so many young women wear shoes that are a couple sizes too big and the shoes keep slipping off their feet
  11. Japanese people very thin
  12. older people very bent over and small
  13. lots of severely turned in feet and bowed legs…not sure why
  14. people are so friendly and helpful..always polite
  15. beautiful country and scenery on this island
  16. restaurants are very small and personal
  17. no malls…stores are small and unique
  18. Tamara and Benny’s unique Japanese house…old and authentic
  19. last but not least…the cockroaches, huge spiders and the lizards!!!

Personal highlights:

  1. Seeing our daughter Tamara pregnant!
  2. Meeting our new son-in-law Rodrigo Benavides known to us as “Benny”, for the first time.
  3. Being here for the birth of our granddaughter Isabel Louise “Chela” Benavides!
  4. Spending 2 months in Japan with this amazing family!!!

I am so grateful that I was able to be here for this time in my life.  All the days weren’t perfect and easy, but they were living life together.  I leave with a glad heart that I was here to experience life with our daughter, son-in-law and new granddaughter  Benny is coming home from the USS Essex on November 1st so this new family will have some days together in Sasebo, Japan, where they met and started out life together, before heading off to El Centro, California, to start anew!