I left Narita Airport yesterday afternoon.  The Narita Airport is about 60 km outside the city so it is an absolutely beautiful drive.  I took the Airport Express Bus and as I was the first one on, I got to sit right up front and could see out the front window.  It was a beautiful day with the sky clear blue and the sun shining…a great way to see the City.  Tokyo, of course, is built around water and bridges and roadways that are over the buildings.  There were times when I looked out of the bus window and saw the tops of the electrical poles so that tells you how high we were.  It is amazing to see the infrastructure to move the traffic.  It is also a beautiful City with lots of green area, parks, water, trees, and very clean.  What I notice the most about Japan is that there is no space that is not used for something…either parking or small buildings and there is never any space between the buildings…every square inch is used up.  Tamara and I went to one of the biggest markets in Tokyo and the shops are all built under the railway tracks which, of course, are built up high.  I took lots of pictures yesterday afternoon so am anxious to see how they turned out.  I have to admit that I am not a good traveller…even though it is nice to see different countries and cultures it does stress me out!  I nearly missed my flight in Narita as the Air Canada ticket attendants were extremely slow and I stood in line for about 2 hours and then had to run to catch my flight.  I am not in Vancouver Airport and Jordon will be happy with me as I hooked into the airport wireless!  I am not very savy when it comes to technology!  I am really enjoying my Macbook.  I probably have 500 pictures of Chela on my iPhoto alone.

Chela is absolutely amazing.  I looked after her yesterday while Tamara went to the American Embassy.  Tamara got her Visa and Chela’s American passport is in the works.  We were very happy about that.  It is unbelieveable the paperwork required for those kinds of transactions.  The personnel at the Embassy were very good and they asked Tamara a couple of questions and that was pretty well it.  Now Tamara had all her documentation fully detailed and completed, so there were no omissions to deal with.  They probably appreciated that alone…she has everything organized in folders.  So they are set to move to the US once Benny gets home and the movers have packed.

There is absolutely nobody around me here in the Vancouver Airport while I wait for my flight to Denver and then to Palm Springs.  Beautiful!  Love it!

Well to the sun and pool in Palm Springs.  Looking forward to some R & R with the relatives…always is fun to hang out with Dwight and Joanne.  It was hard to leave my two girls yesterday, but that is life, and I am just so glad that Benny is on his way home to be with his girls!  Chela is smiling and cooing and trying to make different sounds.  Yesterday she squealed and scared herself.  She has this funny little cough that she does which is so cute.  She is still throwing up, but we know when she starts sticking her tongue in and out of her mouth that she is going to puke…so we get the “puking cloths” ready to catch it.  After she throws up she grins from ear to ear!!  She is too funny!  Very vocal and determined little girl, so I am sure Tamara and Benny will have their work cut out for them.  She has started to stick her lower lip out and quiver it when she isn’t sure of something.  She loves her mom and whenever she sees her, Chela’s whole face just lights up!  It is so awesome to see!  Tamara’s voice can totally calm her down…unless Chela is having one of her “hissy fits”…then it is pretty difficult to calm her down!!

So Palm Springs here I come…and I even bought a new bathing suit…a coverup one!!!