Ishidake Observatory – September 18th Saturday, Oct 4 2008 

This was Chela’s first trip to the sights of Sasebo.  Daddy put her in Baby Bjorn and carried her up to the Observation Tower.  Ishidake Observatory overlooks the Kujukushima area, which is said to have the highest concentration of islands in Japan, and is a coastal region scattered with numerous islands spread across an area stretching 25 km north from Sasebo port.  Kujuku (99) is a metaphor meaning “a vast number” – there are in fact 208 island (‘island(s)’ is referred to as ‘shimi’ or ‘jima’ in Japanese) in the area.  The area around Sasebo is known as Minami Kumukushima and is characaterized by more elegant, feminine features.

The views of the Kujukushima from Ishidake Observatory are truly beautiful, so much so that they were featured in the movie The Last Samurai.  The 360 degree observatory allows visitors to enjoy views of Sasebo Port.  It is absolutely amazing to see all the islands in around Sasebo port.  Later in the week we took a boat cruise around some of these islands.

The Saikai Pearl Sea Resort is only a couple of blocks from Benny and Tamara’s house, so we walked their often and it was here that Grandpa took Chela for her first stroller ride to see all the sailboats and shops.

In the evening we went out for dinner at a little restaurant in the Resort.  The pizza was awesome and the pasta was enjoyed by all as we didn’t have to cook

.  Chela slept the whole time in her stroller.


Short Update… Wednesday, Oct 1 2008 

I never realized that I had forgotten what it is like to have a new baby in the house.  The days and nights fly by because in between getting up for feedings; burping baby; changing diapers; washing clothes; folding clothes; burping baby; changing baby; holding baby…life takes on a whole new perspective.  Chela is a feisty, fussy, colicy little girl…growing fast and furious…has a quick temper and loud cry.  She has what Tamara and I call “her hissy fit”…she just screams and her face gets all red and you think she is not going to make it.  This afternoon when Tamara was trying to calm Chela down from one of her “hissy fits” she said, “Mom, quick turn on the vacuum cleaner…I read that “white noise” calms down colicy babies.”  I quickly run and turn on the vacuum cleaner and you guessed it, Chela calmed right down in Tamara’s arms.  Tamara and I just laughed.  So we now have a new strategy, get the vacuum cleaner going to calm Chela down, has worked twice for us already today!  Oh the joys of new babies and being a new mom and grandma.  Every day I say I am going to update my blog, but time just seems to run out.  I do promise that I will blog about all the little day trips we took since Chela and Tamara came home.

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