After a long flight from Tokyo, I arrived in Palm Springs late Tuesday evening, Oct 28th, very tired but happy to be greeted with a “Welcome back Grandma” balloon by Joanne, Dwight and Jerry.  It is absolutely beautiful here and we have had some great days together.  Dwight and Joanne left us yesterday to go back home and Jerry and I are here until Friday, when I finally make my way home via Edmonton.  It has been some adjustment for me from the time difference and I have been missing my “two girls” very much.  It is hard to believe that 2 months passed in Sasebo, Japan with Tamara and then Tamara and Chela.  Benny is now home and they are getting ready to packout and head to California.  Chela is getting better and seems to be not quite as colicy as before.  Tamara says she is still throwing up, but is sleeping longer periods of time, which is great.  We spent yesterday and today at the pool.  It is in the low 80s which is perfect weather for me with a little breeze.  Have been doing some reading and listening to music on my ipod.  We did a mountain tour with Dwight and Joanne and that was amazing.  Palm Springs is surrounded by mountain ranges and we took a beautiful drive up the mountains and ended up in a little town “Idylwyld” which is simply amazing…made up of local artisans and quaint little shops…the leaves were turning colour and I got a chance to shuffle through fallen leaves…the weather in the mountains was very cool and we needed jackets.  We had an amazing lunch there and then headed back to our resort.  We are at a small resort which is really quite nice.  It has been around for awhile and so has seen some wear and tear, but we are really enjoying it.  Jerry and I are heading out to El Centro and area tomorrow to see where Tamara and Benny will be settling in this month.  It will be fun to see the countryside and take a look around the community they will be a part of.  We talked to Matt and Jesika last night and they are doing well.  Jesika got back from Philadelphia where she presented her “Bat Paper” and took New York in as well.  Matt has finished one midterm and has two more to go.  We are hoping to go there for Christmas and hoping that Benny, Tamara and Chela will be able to join us.  We are thinking of driving out here, so maybe we will head down to El Centro for some time as well.  We are enjoying the awesome weather…good books…eating well…walking…and all that comes with relaxing.  We are in Starbucks as there is no internet at our resort.  That’s okay as we signed in to Starbucks account and so can access the internet from any Starbucks now.  We will be back in Saskatoon in less than a week…back to the cold weather.  Hard to believe that I have been gone nearly 2 1/2 months from home.  I will have to get used to sleeping in my own bed!  As I look out of the window at Starbucks I am gazing at palm trees all around me, clear skies, beautiful warm temperatures and looking forward to taking a long walk in the warm evening breeze with Jerry!  Life is good!