I have now been back home for one week.  It seems like just yesterday, but the calender tells me that it has been a week.  It has been difficult for me to reconnect again.  It seems that I have been in such a different world that I am a stranger here.  I am in the process of re-focusing on life here again.  I spent the day with my sister Doris today and that was wonderful.  We did Christmas shopping, lunch together at Calories; and then later went for supper with all of us at Tony Romas…the new restaurant just opened up in Stonebridge…that was great.  We reconnected with our Small Group tonight.  This is such an amazing group of people where we can be ourselves, warts and all, and most of all have some great laughs together.  Nothing does it for people as laughing together.  We also had some real serious conversations about deep issues going on in our lives and around us…things that often don’t have answers for, but is just life being lived.  It is good to know that we are not walking alone but together with others.  I have connected with a few good friends and am anticipating doing the same this coming week.  I am not ready to walk into a large group of people.  I’ve enjoyed the last 3 months with being anonymous with no one knowing me and not having the responsibility of doing a “job”.  It has been very freeing and I am fearful of being caught up again in that vortex of fear that I have to do and be successful and busy!  If we are not busy and driven in this life then we are not successful…and we all want to be looked at as successful don’t we!!!  Actually, at this point I am quite happy just to be in my home, reading some, cleaning some, cooking some, visiting some, talking to my kids some, just doing some!!! Actually doing “some” is all the success I want in my life right now!!!