We spent a quiet Christmas Eve by opening one gift and then attending St. Martin Episc0pal Traditional Christmas Eve Service at 11:00 pm including celebrating the Eucharist!  It was absolutely wonderful to be celebrating with this congregation here in Davis, California.  There was a String Quaratet which did the prelude of many different carols and the service was amazing!  The sanctuary was totally decorated with poinsettas and Christmas decorations making it so celebratory.  The service was very liturgical with lots of congregational participation.  The Homily was especially meaningful to me personally as the words spoken by the presiding minister was so in tune with who I am and what I have been experiencing the last while…the absolute all  encompassing love of God…love that is so above anything was can imagine…the mystery of this love that God has for us and how his greatest desire is that we love Him in relationship.  Celebrating the Eucharist at the atlar was so meaningful and being their as a family was very special.  There was only one downside, in that, Matt and I had an asthma attack to the incense!  Truly an amazing way to celebrate Christmas Eve and certainly a highlight of this Christmas!