We are now in Langley, BC spending some time with my sister Joanne and her family.  We have travelled from Davis, California through Oregon and into Washington and arrived at Stanwood, Washington on Saturday afternoon at 5:00 pm.  It was a good trip and Chela travelled amazingly well.  She never cried and either slept or played in her carseat.  We were not sure how she would travel, but it has been awesome.  Had a great time with my brother Ron and his family in Stanwood, Washington.  Good to see my new nephew Zac who is 6 weeks old and so cute.  Chela got to meet some new relatives and we all caught up on the news of our lives.  The snow here in absolutely crazy!  Today it is raining and we are heading out tomorrow morning on our way to Edmonton and then home to Saskatoon.  All in all it has been an amazing trip to see our kids and reconnect with my siblings.  We are also glad that we missed alot of the cold in Saskatoon and hoping that Spring is right around the corner when we get back!