I love to interact and dialogue with people who are wanting and willing to share their ideas and thoughts and also are willing to hear my ideas and thoughts.  Over the weekend I had such opportunities.  So what is it that makes an interaction with another person good?  Is a conversation good only when we agree on the subject we are discussing and we feel good about ourselves?  What about the conversations that challenge our way of thinking and our way of living?  Personally, I don’t like or enjoy those conversations, but I believe we need them in our lives.  Getting back to this weekend, I enjoyed the diversity and quality of the conversations which were animated, honest and covered with lots of laughter.  The Friday evening and Sunday morning conversations were with Jerry’s family and we thoroughly enjoy and appreciate them.  It was so fun to interact and talk about life, relationships, church, God, work, family and all the while enjoying good food.  This morning I spent time with my good friend Mike and I always come away from my conversations with him so encouraged.  I have watched him grow and change over the years which included some very difficult situations, but I believe that by embracing and walking through those hard times, he is becoming the person he was created to be.  Does he have it all together…absolutely not…as none of us have it all together…we are all shuffling around in our mess…but I believe he is facing in the right direction.  What I love most about Mike is his honesty and authenticity when we meet to discuss life.  Anyway, those are some of my thoughts today…people and good conversations are important in my life!!!