Just been watching news on the earthquake in Haiti.  While in California we experienced an earthquake of 5.9 and it was unbelieveable to feel the earth sway back and forth…there was little damage…but I have some idea of how buildings would collapse especially those that are stories high.  The control tower where Benny was sustained some damage, but it is higher off the ground.  The earthquake in Haiti does seem personal as we have very good friends who are waiting to bring home their two little boys from God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage.  I was so glad today to hear that their boys are fine together with all the other children.  Now, however, we think of the reality of the situation.  With infrastructure in Haiti almost non-existent how will the process of their adoption move ahead.  Those are questions without any answers right now, but they loom large in the minds of those who are affected.  In a few minutes our lives are changed forever…sometimes not sure how to deal with the uncertainty this brings.  I know people say “God is in control” but we still have to deal with our disappointments and fears that come with the uncertainty.  I guess I am one of those who is “of little faith”…so often our faith and our reality fight against each other…so that is life today in the “crawling” lane!!!!