It is a lazy Sunday morning and I am on my second cup of coffee and have scanned about 35 gardening magazines to take to my friend Char this afternoon as her family has just moved to the country and she has lots of prairie to work with.  She loves to garden and is very creative so it will be fun to see what she ends up creating.  We are heading out this afternoon to play some “shiny” as Greg and the boys have created a huge ice rink.  When our kids were growing up Jerry always had a rink in the backyard and it brings back many awesome memories.  In fact, one of Matt’s friend just this last week asked whether Jerry was still making the rink every year…I am sure he was remembering as well all the fun times he had with Matt and their friends after schools and weekends.

As we drove home last night from being with some friends, Jerry said “we have had a busy day”…but I said it was a good day.  We started out with having breakfast with Jerry’s nephew Bill, his wife Bonnie, and their 4 kids from Dufrost, Manitoba.  So good to see them and see how awesomely they communicate with their kids…so good.  Then off to Excess Cargo to return the GPS Jerry purchased just be Christmas and which lasted about 2 weeks…got another one so will see if it lasts any longer…then off to Costco where the parking lot was full and Jerry said “I can’t do this with all these people”…the off to the bank to look after Matt and Jesika’s financial stuff…then off to get our cars registered for the next year…than off to the Little Caesars to inquire about pizza…then off to the grocery store to pick up a couple of items…then home to take down all the Christmas decorations…and Jerry watched the NFL Football Game which was a Lark as it ended up like being 45 to 14 or something like that.  Then off to Lakeview Church where we connected with so many of our friends that we had not seen for a while…then off to Little Caesars to pick up the pizzas…then off to Gingerich’s to watch football…engage in “off colour” conversation with lots of laughs…and then home in bed by 11:30 pm or so…up at 2:00 am to take 3 extra strength tylenol for my headache…then up today at 9:00 am where Jerry had already made the chili was are taking to the Plett’s for our “shiny” game…the sun is shining,..Jerry is having coffee with his friend Cal from work…and I am going to read the Saturday paper…such is life this weekend…and in between all that we talked to our friend Greg and Jackie…trying to connect with them…they are so often in our thoughts and prayers as they have their 2 little boys waiting for then in Haiti at God’s Littlest Angels orphanage…hopefully they can come home soon….and an ice cream date arranged with our friends Garth and Eunice Carter…..