Our good friends, Greg and Jackie Reimche, received their twin boys Mackenson and Wilson from Haiti yesterday.  What a day for them.  They had spent time in Montreal, arriving there on Saturday, and every day waited for their boys to arrive.  They finally arrived, not in Montreal, but in Ottawa…so they drove to Ottawa yesterday and their little boys came in the afternoon.  What a rollercoast ride it has been for them.  We were invited to meet them at the airport last night when they came home to Saskatoon.  What beautiful little boys!  Lots of tears…lots of hugs…lots of smiles!  So awesome to see the grandmas holding their new grandsons for the first time.  What a lot of prayer, time, tears, patience, impatience, anger, frustration, anger, frustration has been experienced these past couple of weeks.  Jackie, totally out of her comfort range, went on National Television to speak to the issue of getting those children out of Haiti as quickly as possible.  Then today they allowed the TV cameras into their home to be interviewed and to show the world the beautiful boys they have…so not who Greg and Jackie are but they realized it needed to be done.

The whole issue of adoption is not easy to work through.  Jerry and I worked through all of that 32 years ago when we adopted our little girl Tamara.  There are many things to work through in your own personal lives to come to the point of moving towards adoption.  Then comes all the interviews where you are asked every question possible about your life and a judgment call is made whether you will be “good enough” to raise a child.  Then once all that is through, there is the endless waiting for a new baby to arrive.  There is not the preparation time of pregnancy and all that brings, and often you feel that you will never be parents and there are no children out there for you.  I still remember telling Jerry that we would never receive a baby, so I put everything away and put nothing together for a baby…so when we got the call there was nothing in place and we had to start from scratch.  I don’t think it really affected Tamara too much and she was fine sleeping in a bassinet for awhile

Now an international adoption certainly has it differences, but there are commonalities in the issues you have to work through to come to the whole idea of being able to adopt.  Greg and Jackie you are amazing and you will be amazing parents.  You will learn like the rest of us, day by day, make mistakes, try again, and your boys will grow up to be amazing men who will change the world!!!  Thanks for allowing us to be part of the journey with you