A dog in the house… Saturday, Jan 9 2010 

Our good friends Darren and Sherryl Friesen headed out of town for a couple of days and needed someone to look after their dog…good exercise in realizing the extra work a dog creates!!!  Letting him out to “pee” at 4:00 am in the morning is a new experience for us.  He slept in our bedroom…would not sleep in his bed but cuddled up on our bedspread quilt on the floor for part of the night and the rest of the night decided to play some kind of running/shaking game…hilarious.  Now he has been running back and forth in our backyard in circles in the snow…wagging his tail…and barking…loving the warmer weather.  Delightful entertainment for me this weekend….the simple pleasures of life are what bring joy…today a friend’s pet dog!


2010 Friday, Jan 8 2010 

A new year has begun…saw its coming in while in El Centro, California, spending time with our daughter Tamara, her husband Benny, and our amazing granddaughter Chela.  We just returned home from spending nearly a month in California with our kids.  Now I am back home and looking at what a new year will bring.

My re-entry into home life is never easy for me.  Perhaps if I had a “job” to go to, it would make the transition easier because of necessity!  Now that I am retired my schedule and life is solely determined by what decisions I make and what I can do with my time.  As I look forward into this new year, I am wondering what will come and what will I embrace.  I have a little plaque beside  me that was given to me as a gift that says…”you are unrepeatable there’s a uniqueness about you that’s all your own”…I am hoping that is a compliment!!!!  Most of the time the only thing not repeatable is “my language”!!!!!  So in my unrepeatable uniqueness what will 2010 bring?  Not sure, but today as I have spent time reading other people’s blogs and their thoughts…I feel very shallow and very disappointed with who I am today…just my feelings…may not be the truth…but there it is in “black and white”…I have said it and written it down…so now what will I do with it????  Let’s see………

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