We arrived at the Mariott Shadow Ridge Condo site yesterday about 4:00 pm.  We each have a studio suite which is on the ground floor looking out over some rough desert and then on to the golf course.  We have a couple of rabbits for pets and lots of birds in the trees making all kinds of noise.  The sun is shining brightly into our big window and it feels awesome.  Tamara, Benny and Chela are heading our way today and will spend today and tomorrow with us.  The weather is not hot but nice and warm.  We were really tired last night as we had to get up so early to catch our flights.  Dwight and Joanne met us at the airport.  We are not sure what we will do today.  We had a good sleep in our “king size” bed and I was so tired I only had to kick Jerry a couple of times to make him quit snoring…too funny.  Jerry was already up and at it this morning and went to some kind of car show…said there was a couple of real nice trucks.  I will try and blog each day to keep my dear sister Doris up-to-date on what we are doing every day.  We have the same place for the two weeks we are here so it will feel like home in no time.  Embrace the snow and cold…all your Saskatchewanites!!!!!  Next year you need to come with us!!!