We had a fun day on Saturday.  Tamara, Benny and Chela arrived around 10:00 am.  We were waiting for them at the entrance to the resort waving and letting them know we were so happy they were there.  It was so awesome to see them and have our little Chela Bela hug us and lay her head on our shoulders.  She was so happy to see us.  We went to a huge flea market that happens every Saturday here and walked around all the different tents checking out all the deals.  We then headed out to Carl’s Hamburgers for Benny to try out their new burger.  He wasn’t too impressed, but we did have fun trying out their hamburgers!  We then headed back to our condo and spent the rest of the afternoon at the swimming pool.  Jerry, Tamara, Benny and Chela spent time in the pools.  So much fun…the water is so warm and the sun shines so hot even though the temperatures were only in the 60’s.  We then watched some of the Olympics while Chela had her afternoon nap.  In the evening we headed out to “The River” to enjoy the food at our favorite restaurant “The Cheesecake Factory”.  We had such amazing food…Chicken Tomato Basil Pasta…Marsala Mushroom and Chicken Bowtie Pasta…Louisiana Chicken Pasta…Jambalaya Shrimp…which we all really enjoyed and the desserts were over the top…Lemon Mascapone Vanilla layered cake with whipped cream and strawberries…Caramel White Chocolate Macadamia nut cheesecake…original cheesecake…of course we didn’t need them but they were sure delicious!  “The River” provides a park-like waterfront with an entertainment amphitheater, live music, fountains and cascading waterfalls.  The River is an unmatched environment of style and beauty providing a place to spend the day and enjoy the evening.  There was  live music which Chela enjoyed and entertained us with her dancing.  In addition to her dancing she climbed up and down the stairs at least 20 or more times and kept her grandpa busy keeping her from falling into the river or down the steps.  We had such a great day.  The weather was so nice and the company was excellent!

Today we woke up to the sun shining and we leisurely enjoyed our coffee while waiting for little Chela to wake up.  Joanne and I had the joy of looking after Chela while the rest of them went looking at new computers and whatever else was on their agenda.  We enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and watching the birds, including the roadrunner we had the joy of watching this morning, and the rabbits that live all over the resort.  We took Chela to the playground, she had fun playing outside chess, running through the grass, climbing up the little hills and running back down…endless energy.  Then grandma and Aunti Joanne attempted to get her to nap and we were unsuccessful.  We then headed out to Sherman’s Deli and Bakery for lunch which was amazing…all meals start with sour dill pickles and saurkraut…we had Pastrami on rye with hot sweet mustard or horseradish mustard…Tamara’s Turkey Clubhouse (fresh roasted turkey breast) was so huge she had to take it apart to eat it…simply delicious…we saw some famous actress but Tamara and Joanne couldn’t think of her name…that’s how famous she is…came back to do some more swimming…then Tamara, Benny and Chela headed home…Dwight, Joanne and I went for an invigorating walk…Jerry napped as Chela had tired him out…we then watched the hockey game and came away very disappointed and disillusioned with the Canadian team…now we are going to play some cards and Joanne and I will drink some good wine.

All in all a couple of great days of vacation!  Tomorrow we are heading out to San Diego with Dwight as he is doing some work on his vacation time.