We have had some amazing days here down south in the beautiful sunshine and blue skies.  Dwight and Jerry have been doing some traveling with Dwight’s work and Joanne and I have been hanging out at the pool, reading our books and really not doing much of anything.  It has been awesome!  It looks like we will head out to El Centro tomorrow as the Blue Angels are going to be doing a practice run and it will be fun for Dwight and Joanne to see them.  It is about a little over a hour drive from Palm Springs so we will head out there early tomorrow morning.  Joanne and I have been doing long walks in the morning and checked out the Exercise Room and tried out all the equipment…Joanne’s arms hurt today…mine are fine but then I didn’t put any weights on the machines I did!!!!!!  We played our first games of cards last night and that is always fun…you wouldn’t want to listen in on our conversation as it gets quite interesting as the games progress…needless to say “I was doomed” and of course didn’t win one game.  At the pool the other day I looked up from my lounge chair and met the eyes of the “Roadrunner” who was also lounging around the pool…too funny!  We also have one that keeps us entertained outside our patio.  We also have rabbits to entertain us…and we saw a little baby bunny around the pool area yesterday.  Lots of fun!  Today the guys are around so not sure what we will do, but it will be leisurely and unhurried!  This is the life…at least for a couple of weeks.