We headed out to the “48th Collector Car Show & Auction” which takes place the next 3 days.  Jerry and Dwight had seen the “Batmobile” the other day as I guess it is going to be on the auction block.  These are some of the cars we saw this afternoon:  Jerry’s favorite ’63 Corvette; Joanne’s favorite ’63 Black Impala; Dwight’s favorite ’51 Chev Pickup; Gloria’s favorite was a Teal Blue ’53 Ford Truck; 1969 Road Runner with the Big Fin; 1966 Edsel; alot of Cadillacs, Mercedes, Bentleys, Rolls Royce, Jags, Lincolns, Imperials, Edsel Ambulance – one of four ever made; Hotrods – 33 Fords, 31 Model A, 32 Fords…and any other vehicle you could imagine.  We stayed for a bit of the auction, but the auctioneer talked so fast that he had smoke coming out of his ears!!!  We got tired of listening so we left.  While at the car show, all of a sudden I heard my name called and I turned around and who was standing there but our friends Dave and Colleen Scott from Saskatoon.  They are here in Palm Springs for a couple of months this winter.  We hope to connect for coffee or dinner in the next week or so.  So fun to see them!  Now tomorrow we are off to El Centro for the day…looking forward to that!