I haven’t blogged for a while as it has been busy here at Tamara’s and I don’t realize how much time is spent playing and spending time with our little Chela Bela.  She has to be the funniest kid around and I spend most of the day laughing at her except for the times when she is having a “hissy fit” and I am trying to hang on to her so she doesn’t fall or bang herself too hard!  She talks her own language and you can pretty well guess what she is saying by the intonation of her voice.  Her friend Nathan, who is 3, was here a couple of days ago and was pretending to be The Incredible Hulk and jumping off the bed…well now she jabbers away with her arms up in the air and then proceeds to jump off of anything she is standing on…too funny.  When she wants you to listen to her, she makes sure you are looking at her and she puts her head to the side and talks a mile a minute.  I am having so much fun with her.  She can maneuver anything with wheels, backwards, sideways, front…and today she was walking on the curbs without falling…one foot right in front of the other.  Just some of my fun times with my 1 1/2 old granddaughter.  I have one more week here and then I head back home.

Our Small Group skyped me tonight from Saskatoon.  That was so fun and it was so good to see my good friend, Darren & Sherryl, Kevin & Carla, Mike and Sandi…miss those people and will be so good to see them and have some good conversations.

Tamara’s friend Rachelle and her parents are coming over tomorrow to celebrate Rachelle’s birthday.  It will be swimming at the water park and then barbacue steak and coconut cupcakes…delicious.  Another beautiful day in the sunshine is anticipated.

Mom was cleaning her carpet so her play things were piled up!

  1. This is what we do at the mall!!