Well, I am back in Saskatoon after spending 5 weeks in the sunny south…California!  Needless to say, I was not looking forward to coming home, but life must go on and I have to head back to reality.  I left the Palm Springs Airport with my little granddaughter, Chela, crying her heart out and running after me!  I cried most of the way to Denver, but the good thing was that going through security at Palm Springs was much easier as a “crying senior” rather than a “self-confident senior”…they couldn’t do enough to help me through and never even looked into one of my carry-ons.  I will miss that little girl so much!  There is no doubt that she is the light of our lives and brings much joy to us.  Now I will have to rely on Skype to bring her into my life as often as possible.  One nice thing, is that most of the snow is gone and the week ahead looks like it should be nice.  Now to get down to cleaning out my suitcases and doing some wash!  Oh the joys of home!