I just completed reading the book “Crossing Over” given to me by my son-in-law, Benny.  It was a very informative, learning read.  It is written of families who cross over the border from Mexico to United States to work…most of them crossing illegally.  The book followed the lives of a number of families who had made this trek for 3 generations and the great-grandchildren were now making the trek.  It also articulated the families who have relocated to live in the United States and how they are being assimilated into the American culture, but still wanting to keep their own culture.  The Mexican culture is a very mixed culture which transpired over the last hundreds of years.  I have never really taken an interest in Mexican history or culture, but with my daughter married to a Mexican and with a granddaughter in the mix, I thought it would be good to do some reading and learning in this whole area.  It is very interesting, very very sad, very very funny, very very confusing…but then I guess life wherever we live is all of those things as well.  I will be doing more research and reading on the subject.