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Day 2 on the north shore


We got up really early as we had gone to bed so early and we headed up to Ke’e Beach which is the end of the road beach on the north shore.  It is absolutely beautiful and the awesome thing about being here early in the morning and on Kauai Island anywhere is there are almost no people.  We walked and walked the ocean short and there was nobody on the beach but the four of us.  We met a person here and there as we walked, but it absolutely wonderful to be back walking the sandy beaches, hearing the ocean roar, see a few fluffy clouds and have the sun shine bright on us.  We spent most of the morning there…Jerry, Dwight and Joanne went into the water and did some swimming, but since I had forgotten to put on my swimsuit bottoms I was relegated to sitting on the chairs on the beach.  I have a funny story of how I did get some rays without my swimsuit bottoms, but you will have to ask me personally about that story!!!!!  We then slowly made our way back to Princeville stopping at all the beautiful bays and beaches along the way…stopping for a mango smoothie…delicious…we stopped at Ha’ena Beach Park, Tunnels Beach…stopped at Wainiha Bay and Lumaha’i Beach where Joanne and I climbed up on the black lava cliff and watched the waves crash on the shore…saw some young guys surfing…which is always fun to watch.  We then went home…and those who had the privilege of swimming had showers…and we headed out for dinner…ending up in Princeville Centre where we had an amazing meal of cajun seasoned freshly caught fish of the day!  Don’t ask me about the Mai Tai I had…more than this “old girl” to handle but it was funny!!!  Of course we had to do our daily ice cream stop for Jerry and he loved every lick!!!!!  Back home for another early night…we were exhausted.

Ke'e Beach, Kauai

Wainiha Bay - Lumaha'i Beach

Roosters run wild on the beaches in Kauai!

Mai Tai Girls!

Ice Cream Boys!