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Day 3 on Kauai Holiday


We packed up our belongings as we had to be out of our place by 11:00 am…we were up early again as we still hadn’t adjusted to the time change of 4 hours for us.  We headed out to Hanalei Bay another beautiful Beach…we walked the sand and saw the historical pier that was on the movie “South Pacific”.  Every time we visit Kauai we stop at the Hanalei Valley Lookout which is absolutely beautiful looking out over the taro fields, the local crop grown here!  We then headed down towards Poipu where we would be staying for the rest of our vacation.  We stopped at Anini Beach Park where Sylvester Stallone has a huge property, but noticed that this year there was no sandy beach as the water was high.  The beaches here change over time with the change of the water tides.  The first time we came here with Lorne and Doris we found this little beach we loved and again we stopped there and walked the whole beach…a little cove…again with hardly any people there…Joanne, Jerry and I walked the entire beach as Dwight slept in the car as he was dealing with a bad cold!  It was a beautiful way to spend the morning…another awesome day at the ocean.  We then headed to Lihue…stopped at a roadside market where we picked up homemade mango loaves, mango pie and banana cream pie (diet food)…Jerry and I also had a type of tapioca pudding made with coconut milk…they were also roasting chicken, potatoes and boar smoking on open coals.  Before we checked into our resort we went to our favorite local restaurant in Koloa and ordered pizza…it was amazing and we enjoyed every bite!!  We then checked into our resort and settled in for the next couple of weeks.  In the evening we walked along shipwreak beach…watched the locals surf and Joanne was “blessed” because she saw a whale…at least 6 sightings of breaching whales and blows…too awesome…actually we all saw the whale sighting,..a great way to end our first Saturday!!!

Condo at Sea Lodge, Princeville, North Shore

Hanalei Bay and the Pier

Reimers at Kalihiwai Beach Park

Jerry climbing trees at Kalihiwai Beach