We are still getting up early as our body time clocks are slow in adjusting to the time change.  It probably works best for me as I am not a morning person and now am waking up early and ready for the day!!!!!  Jerry wanted to try out snorkeling again…this time without his moustache!!!!  He has not been without a moustache in over 35 years so this was quite a move for him to shave this part of his person!!  It certainly improved the snorkeling as he didn’t get any water into his mask and was able to spend lots of time in the ocean without swallowing a bunch of salt water!  Joanne and I walked Poipu Beach looking for fish with no luck…Joanne and Jerry found fish a little further down the beach…I missed them!!!!  It was a beautiful day with a strong breeze and awesome sun!  Dwight still is not feeling well from his cold and Joanne is fighting one as well.  Dwight’s back goes out when he has a coughing spell, so lots of fun!  Dwight picked us up and we quickly changed  and headed out to the Koloa Farmers Market where we picked up fresh pineapple, mangoes, papayas, bananas, sweet corn, cucumbers, avocadoes, oranges…all grown locally…so good!  We came home and Jerry, Joanne and I headed back to Shipwreak Beach…a 5 minute walk from our resort…and we spent the afternoon enjoying the waves and the sun…enjoyed watching the locals riding the waves…some on surf boards and some on boogie boards…and one dog enjoying the waves with his owner…too funny!  We made an amazing supper with barbacued chicken, salad and sweet corn!  Dwight and Jerry always enjoy the cookies and sweets for dessert!  Evenings are short as we are tired early and head to bed!